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Operators were complaining of odors and some were experiencing skin irritation. Downtime to clean the sumps was hurting production and all costs associated with coolant were increasing.

X-Rite Case Study

X-Rite solves a growing dermatitis problem and reduces machine downtime required to clean sumps. Coolant cost and disposal is reduced by over 50% using the Coolant Wizard.

Coolant Used:
AMACO semi-synthetic, water miscible metal working coolant

Previous Controls:
Addition of biocides and dumping sumps and cleaning machines to eliminate odors.
Along with employee training, the Coolant Wizard was used by X-Rite to establish a management program for their metal working coolant. Daily monitoring of sumps for concentration, adjustments to the fluid to maintain the level of concentration and an overall housekeeping program were implemented. With the Coolant Wizard operating, dermatitis problems are eliminated, sump odors are not a problem and coolant related costs are down. The Coolant Wizard is used twice a week on the machines on two shifts. Operator involvement and filter element usage is nearly zero.

With the fluid management program, all objectives have been achieved. The Coolant Wizard is the only system X-Rite could find that met their needs in terms of size, ease of use and cost. Purchases of coolant concentrate are down by more than 50% and disposal of spent coolant, costing $50.00 per drum, are reduced by the same amount.