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Watch this video to see how bacteria cause problems in your coolant and how Coolant Wizard uses ozone to kill bacteria.

How It Works

Coolant Wizard is a system that addresses fines, tramp oil, swarf, and biological contamination in your coolant. It combines many of the coolant cleaning steps found in a variety of other devices into a single portable, cost-effective unit.

Following a schedule and based on a 15 second test of the coolant concentration, you roll Coolant Wizard up to the sump and drop our input skimmer and return hose into the sump.

Patented pickup device cleans surface swarf.

Coolant Wizard removes the biologically active scum from the top of the sump along with coolant. Our dual filtration system removes large and small particles from the coolant that can damage your tools.

The Wizard then treats the coolant with ozone that’s been produced with ultra-violet light. This kills the bacteria and eliminates the need for poisonous biocides. Watch the video on this page for more about how ozone can help.

Coolant Wizard makes your coolant last longer and stay safer for your crew. Use our Cost Worksheet to see for yourself what coolant and coolant handling costs your business and how Coolant Wizard can save you significant time and money every year.

Coolant “Wear” and Reconditioning

Our goal is to give your coolant a much longer life than you’d get with other products or methods. The ozone we use in place of biocides causes very minimal changes to your coolant, extending its life. No coolant can be recycled indefinitely. A top grade coolant can be reconditioned 4 times longer, a cheap coolant approximately twice as long.