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Self-Contained Coolant
Reconditioning System
for Machine Shops has
fast pay-back

Coolant touches every part of your process — machines, tools, product, and your people. It also touches the air in your shop and office . . .

. . . and it impacts your bottom line.

Coolant Wizard’s Coolant Management System helps you manage your coolant by controlling the microorganisms that degrade your coolant and by removing tramp oil.

  • Dual filtration removes fine particles, extending tool life

  • Ozone generator kills bacteria, fungus and yeast that cause odors and skin problems

  • Skimmer removes sump scum

  • Coolant lasts much longer with reconditioning

  • Lower machine down time for sump cleaning

  • Eliminate the need for biocides

  • Lower coolant disposal costs

Improve your shop’s efficiency; lower your coolant costs; and have a shop that smells better, too.

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Case Studies with our customers show how businesses are solving problems and saving money with Coolant Wizard:

CNC Industries initiates a coolant management program using the Coolant Wizard Senior, reducing coolant purchases by 90%.

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Utilizing a Coolant Wizard System, Techni-Cast, Corp. cuts coolant costs by 66% in a cost reduction and waste minimization program.

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Canfield Machine & Tool embarks on a coolant management program to reduce disposal and purchases of coolant while eliminating coolant related odors and operator skin problems.

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Wire Maid Manufacturing embarks on a coolant management program doubling coolant life and improving their machining process.

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X-Rite solves a growing dermatitis problem and reduces machine downtime required to clean sumps. Coolant cost and disposal is reduced by over 50% using the Coolant Wizard.

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