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Coolant was being changed every 3 to 6 weeks due to odors and thickening from excessive tramp oil. This required 15 man hours per month and a great deal of machine downtime. Several operators were having contact dermatitis problems.

Canfield Machine & Tool Case Study

Canfield Machine & Tool embarks on a coolant management program to reduce disposal and purchases of coolant while eliminating coolant related odors and operator skin problems

Coolant Used:
Hangsterfer’s soluble oil, water miscible metal working coolant.

Previous Controls:
Frequent sump draining, cleaning and disposal. Decantation in settling tanks was ineffective.

In early August 1997, a Wiz Junior system was placed in service on the 15 machines in the plant that use the Hangsterfer’s coolant. Sump sizes range from 12 to 50 gallons. The Wiz Junior is in operation any time the shop is open and a program was developed to assure that each machining center sump is reconditioned regularly even if they are not being used daily. Maintenance on the Wiz Junior has been insignificant. When it’s necessary to remove an accumulation of chips or sludge from the sump, the Wiz Junior makes the process quick and easy without having to haul the coolant to another location in the shop for processing.

Canfield feels they “will not have to dump coolant from the sumps again”. With the Wiz Junior in operation, the dermatitis problem has disappeared, foul coolant odors are gone and the 15 hours per month of labor and machine downtime have been all but eliminated. Sumps have not required cleaning in over 4 months and there is no indication they will have to be cleaned in the near future.