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Coolant Wizard Junior

The Wiz Junior is the smaller version of the Coolant Wizard.

A typical 50 gallon sump of coolant will be completely reconditioned in 4.5 hours. A good rule to use to determine whether you need the Coolant Wizard or the Wiz Junior begins by determining the total gallons of coolant in all of the sumps in your shop. If this figure does not exceed 750 gallons and if the shop operates only one shift a day, the Wiz Junior will be sufficient for your needs.

The Wiz Junior eliminates biological growth using an ozone generator built into the system.

Bacteria is what causes the “Monday morning odors” that most operators find extremely objectionable.

Killing bacteria and fungus will extend the life of most coolants.

It is important to remove the grit that floats in the sump and interferes with good finishes and shortens tool life. Our dual filtration gets the job done.