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Support Products

These support tools are the things that make a coolant management program complete and simple to follow. Coupled with a Coolant Wizard or Wiz Junior, they provide the most effective in house program available.

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Coolant Wizard Mist Collector

Mist Collector

Removing coolant mist from the shop atmosphere can be as simple as installing efficient mist collectors on each enclosed machining center. The Coolant Wizard mist collectors remove up to 99% of the coolant that would normally escape the machine cabinet and returns it in liquid form to the machine sump. Virtually maintenance free, these units are much more cost effective than central systems that require cleaning and frequent repair.

206 Proportioner

206 Proportioner

Mixing coolant in the correct proportion and in the correct sequence has never been easier. The Coolant Wizard proportioner is not adjustable without the involvement of the person in charge of the coolant in the shop.

7540 Temperature Compensation Refractometer


A temperature compensated refractometer will tell you in seconds what the concentration of coolant and water is in a machine center sump. You need to know this in order to maintain the consistency required for machining at tight tolerances.

Dip Slides

Dip Slides / Biopaddles

Is the bacteria colony in a given sump out of control? Now you can find out with our Bio-Paddles. Simple and easy to use, these handy devices will give you a reading of the colony size on the spot. Bacteria most often is the reason a sump must be dumped. Find out how efficiently your Coolant Wizard or Wiz Junior is controlling the bugs in your sump and do it first hand in just seconds.

Ph Meter

Ph Tester

Un-balanced coolant, coolant that has changed in Ph level can cause separation of the coolant concentrate and the water. A digital reading will tell you whether or not an adjustment is needed.