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Coolant was becoming heavily contaminated with tramp oil and suspended solids after only 16 hours of operation. Though odors were not a serious problem, bacterial growth was suspected due to the presence of tramp oil.

Wire Maid Case Study

Wire Maid Manufacturing embarks on a coolant management program doubling coolant life and improving their machining process

Coolant Used:
Valenite soluble oil, water miscible metal working coolant.

Previous Controls:
Management was having personnel drain, clean and refill the sumps. They were having spent coolant hauled away on a regular basis. In addition, a skimming device was installed but did not do the job.

A Wiz Junior reconditioning system was received and placed in service immediately. Using the Wiz Junior on a Tree machining center with a large sump, reprocessing requires a little over 3 hours. In this time the accumulation of 16 hours of tramp oil and suspended solids are removed. The reconditioning process can be done while the machining center is in operation thus requiring no downtime. Emptying skimmer containers had been a messy job, but with the Wiz Junior tramp oil handling has been simplified.

A reduction of coolant purchases by at least 50% has been achieved during the first 6 months. Sump life has doubled and coolant quality is now consistent. Segregation of waste oil, suspended solids and good coolant has reduced dramatically the amount of coolant being hauled away. Management says, “We are delighted with our Wiz Junior and would strongly recommend it”.