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Techni-Cast Case Study # 107
Date: March 1997

Utilizing a Coolant Wizard System, Techni-Cast, Corp. cuts coolant costs by 66% in a cost reduction and waste minimization program

Coolant Used:
Blaser Swisslube 4000 CF soluble oil, water miscible or metal working fluid

Coolant purchases were excessive due to disposal and re-supply

Previous Controls:
Removing a portion of the coolant for disposal and adding newly mixed coolant to reduce the tramp oil entrainment problem

Picture of the Coolant Wizard Senior - the patented coolant treatment system
Techni-Cast ordered the Coolant Wizard in May of 1996. The addition of the Coolant Wizard system with coalescing and skimming unit, reduced tramp oil entrainment. Techni-Cast operates the Coolant Wizard 20 hours a day and has developed a schedule to assure that all machine sumps are reconditioned on a regular basis. They machine aircraft landing gear parts of stainless steel in addition to nickel and cobalt based alloys. The company has over 30 machines with sumps ranging from 40 to 100 gallons each. There has been almost no maintenance on the Coolant Wizard and there have been minimal consumables used. Bacteria and fungus levels have been reduced and maintained.

Coolant purchases and disposal have been reduced by over 66% resulting in a three month return on investment. Coolant quality has been more consistent leading to better machining. Increased tool life and faster and deeper cuts are now a reality.
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