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Fines A system that addresses fines, tramp oil and biological contamination will be the first thing you need. It would be best if this system doesn’t create machine down time and can function without being monitored by employees. The system should be operated for maximum effect; in other words use it all the time. Reconditioning each sump as often as possible assures consistent coolant quality at the cutting tool where it counts most.
Safety Safety and health concerns should be addressed such as bacterial control, tramp oil removal to reduce smoke in the shop environment and not using sump side additives such as biocides.
Mist Collection Mist collection applied to each machining center while it is in operation is a must. An operator working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week will breathe coolant mist 25% of his life.
Coolant Concentration Monitoring coolant concentration in sumps takes less than 15 seconds per machine and assures that the mix isn’t too rich or too lean.
Ph Testing Occasional Ph testing is good but usually not required unless your coolant has proven unstable in the past.
Using Additives Avoid tank side additives to the coolant. These are usually expensive and always unpredictable.
Suppliers Lastly, deal with a reputable coolant supplier who understands his product, your operation and your specific needs and is willing to meet those needs.

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