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Do you really know how much your coolant is costing you each year? Would you like to know how much money you could be saving? Complete the coolant cost worksheet bellow to find out!

Coolant Purchase Costs:
Dollars spent on coolant purchases in the last year:
Freight paid for coolant deliveries: +
Coolant additives purchased in the last year: +
Total coolant purchase cost in last year: A
Coolant Disposal Costs:
Number of gallons hauled away in last year:
Disposal Cost per gallon: x
Total coolant disposal cost in last year: B
Labor Costs Related to Coolant:
Man hours required to clean a sump:
Number of sumps in the shop: x
Number of times each sump was cleaned last year: x
Shop labor rate per hour: x
Total cost to clean sumps in last year: C
Profit Loss Due to Machine Downtime to Clean Sumps:
Man hours required to clean a sump:
Standard profit margin per hour of shop production: x
Total lost profit loss related to coolant: D
Total Coolant Related Costs  (A + B + C + D): E

Cost of Coolant Wizard or Wiz Junior (please call for current pricing):
Cost of filter elements for the Coolant Wizard system: +
Labor costs related to using the Coolant Wizard system
(3.5 minutes per machine per week):
Shop labor rate per hour: x
Total cost to use the Coolant Wizard or Wiz Junior: F

Coolant Wizard and Wiz Junior owners are averaging 75% or more in coolant related costs.

Assuming you receive the same benefits continue with the following calculations:
Enter 25% (a very conservative number) of line E here: +
Enter the amount of line F here. This figure is the total cost to operate the Coolant Wizard system for the 1st year: +
Enter the full amount of line E here: -
Enter and subtract the sub-total figure above: -
The TOTAL figure above represents your estimated savings during the first year of using the Coolant Wizard or Wiz Junior system.

There are many less tangible costs related to coolant that we cannot attach a dollar figure to. These would include:
Reduced tool life due to inconsistent coolant quality in the machines
Lost production time due to employee dermatitis problems
Liability associated with coolant disposal
Unsafe or unhealthy work environment for personnel
Cost for heated storage area for used coolant and coolant concentrate
The negative impact on our environment caused by waste disposal

Our customers tell us that they have been able to reduce all of their coolant related costs by as much as 80% by implementing the Coolant Wizard management approach.

After completing this worksheet, fax it to us along with your name and a contact telephone number. Or you could email your results to us.

Our FAX number is: (317) 634-6324
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